The NHSAA releases newsletters from time to time.  We have an objective to digitise our newsletter collection, going back to 1963.  So far, we have uploaded digital copies of 90 of the 189 newsletters that were released in hard copy form.

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March 2009  90th Nationals results, Bermudan mast discussion, straightened plug and hull mould
March 2006

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March 2000  41st Nationals report, Perth.  Tuning tips from Don Jamieson.
December 1999 Jibs with multi hole clew plates allowed.  678 Dee Kay, Australia’s first Heron, for sale.
September 1999 Aluminium boom motion passed at Special General Meeting.
June 1999 Aluminium boom motion printed.  Reports of Queensland and SA state titles.
March 1999  Qld Association proposal to take mould from Gypsy Sam not allowed.
December 1998  Issued early 1999.  Report on 40th Nationals at Victor Harbor.  Obituaries for George Robertson, SA Heron stalwart
September 1998  Article on UK stitch and glue construction and letter supporting a trial of stitch and glue in Australia from Ken Smith
June 1998  Jib sheeting motion passed.  Article on centreboard sections.  Qld proposal to make mould for GRP boats from 6616 Gypsy Sam
March 1998  Article on centreboard shape and finish.  Restoration of 6567 Perfick by Richard Gibson
December 1997  Actually issued early 1998.  Report on 39th Nationals, Cootharaba.  Motion on minimum 735 mm between jib sheeting points.
September 1997  Internal halyards approved.  Mast fit out diagram by Rob Brewer
June 1997  Article on sheathing a rudder blade with fibreglass.
March 1997  Report on the 38th Nationals, Hobart.
December 1996  Article on sail tuning (adapted from 470s)
September 1996  Mislabelled Vol. 32 No.2 (should be 32 3).  More on the Cunningham Eye
June 1996  Cunningham Eye letter.  How I Tuned My Heron Part 3. Handbook update and comments re jib sheeting from Don Jamieson
March 1996  Report on 37th Nationals (Chelsea).  How I Tuned My Heron Part 2.  Report of Jack Holt’s passing.
December 1995 How I Tuned My Heron by Andrew Payne.  Swizzling – how to get a good fit when building ply side tanks
September 1995  Motion to increase maximum rudder blade thickness from 13 to 15 mm and centreboard from 16 to 18mm.
June 1995 Motion for full height front buoyancy with side tanks passed.
March 1995  Report on 36th Nationals, Toukley.  Technical Observations from Nationals – Don Jamieson. Alan Takacs on front cover
December 1994  Using A Compass by Andy Whittell.  Dynamics and Balance of a sailing craft by Geoff Pittard.  Further motion on full height front buoyancy with side tanks.
September 1994  Technique, Tuning and Tactics by Geoff Pittard
June 1994  GRP side tank motion passed, big jib motion lost
March 1994  Report of 35th Nationals, Perth.  Halfway Up The Beat We Opened a Cut Lunch – Gaffer’s regatta article by Howard Mitchell.
December 1993  Motions to allow GRP side tanks in wooden boats and big jib.
September 1993  Centreboard verticality measurement introduced.
June 1993 Letter from Arthur Bullock on hull shape.   Quote:  “Fast skippers win the races, not fast boats”. Motion on buoyancy withdrawn, jib sheeting motion lost.
March 1993  34th Nationals report (Henley SA, 94 starters).  Article on sailing in big fleets by Alan Timmins
December 1992  Motions for full height front buoyancy with side tanks, deregulation of jib sheeting positions
September 1992 Heron Handbook released.  Brothers Daryl and Colin Portbury first and second in the Qld state titles.
June 1992  Plans for a Heron cradle to fit a box trailer.  Minimum crew weight motion lost at AGM.
March 1992  33rd Nationals report Hervey Bay – 3 Mk II hulls place 7, 30 and 69.  Sails article by Craig McPhee
December 1991  Motion for minimum crew weight of 95 kg
September 1991  Setting Up A Heron by Craig McPhee.  Article on fibreglass sheathing by Don Jamieson.
June 1991  Vertical rudder blade motion passed.  Setting Up an Aluminium Mast by Bill Parry
March 1991 Report on 32nd Nationals Speers Point.  Article on making gaffs.
December 1990  Motion to allow vertical rudder blades.  Description of how the Mk II plug was made from Hornet
September 1990  Selection of 9969 Hornet to make the Mk II plug.  Advice on capsizing by Rod Watts
June 1990  On The Up and Up by Locky McLaren – how to put your opposition off!  Balance in a Sailing Dinghy by Don Jamieson
March 1990  Report of 31st Nationals in Portland.  Passionate arguments for and against a new GRP plug, Mylar sails and aluminium masts
December 1989  Motions proposing a new GRP hull plug (became the Mk II) and aluminium mast.  Building a wooden Heron by Peter Carroll
September 1989  Don Jamieson sounds off about boom block hanger bolts!
June 1989  Article on Rules and Tactics by Warwick Jacobson.  Account of the Carey trip home from Perth. Carew wins Qld Heron Shield
March 1989  30th Nationals report (Perth).  Buying or Building a Heron – Peter Armati
December 1988  Rigging A Heron by Don Rantanen part 3.  Article on Sail Shapes by Ian Cook
September 1988  Rigging A Heron by Don Rantanen part 2.  Motion to allow clew tracks on booms.
June 1988  Rigging A Heron by Don Rantanen.  Wire Rope – Types and Uses.
March 1988 Report on 29th Nationals at Ceduna.  Article on starting by Warwick Jacobson.  Picture of Chris Sant in 1988 NSW States
December 1987  Picture of Paul Armstrong at 21!  Article on Race Preparation and Protests by Bill Parry
September 1987  Table – How Old Is That Heron?
September 1976  My First Year In Fibreglass by Ian Cook.  Detailed measurement article on development of the Mk 1 fibreglass Heron hull.
December 1975
June 1975 Development of first fibreglass hull
March 1975 16th Nationals report.  National Champ Ian Cull on front cover – again!
December 1974  Light Weather Sailing by Charlie Grimwood.  Motoring With A Heron – various trailer and cartop options.
June 1974
March 1974 Report on 15th Nationals, Brisbane.  Ian Cull on front cover
December 1973  Motion to allow GRP Herons
September 1973  Len Ralph reports on sailing a UK built GRP Heron.  Righting a capsized Heron.
June 1973
March 1973  Report on the 14th Nationals, Perth.  Letter advocating introduction of fibreglass boats
September 1972
June 1972  Article on effect of crew weight
March 1968  Report on 9th Nationals, Melbourne.  Champion boat 6165 Kumale
May 1966  Rules of the YW Heron Sailing Association of Australia
March 1966 Report on 7th Nationals, Largs Bay.  How to get the best finish on your Heron
December 1965 Sails and how to set them
September 1965  Article on WAP’s secrets.  National class recognition.  Great picture of 10 Herons nearing completion at Black Rock, Vic.
June 1965 Handy hints for setting up your gaff and rudder
March 1965  Sixth Nationals report.  Self bailer comparison.  Mast rigging hints
December 1964   Bow block controversy – no covering ply.  Reefing a Heron
September 1964   Reasons for one design concept – boats with no side seats, no skeg, 3/16th ply transoms etc
June 1964   Inaugural meeting of the SA Heron Sailing Association reported
March 1964
December 1963  Account of the voyage of Heron Tom Thumb II from Sydney to Port Kembla – by sea!
September 1963  Article on Jack Holt, designer of the Heron
June 1963 Vol. 1 No. 1 – first Heron Newsletter