Building and Measurement

Stitch and glue Heron hull under construction

Stitch and glue Heron hull under construction

Herons can be built in timber using stitch and glue or traditional frame construction.  Plans for timber construction can be obtained by completing a Heron Plan Order Form

New fibreglass Heron hulls can be purchased from Dinghy Sports in Sydney.  Dinghy Sports can also supply Heron foils (centreboard, rudders) and aluminium rudder boxes.

The Heron hull, rig and foils are controlled by measurements to ensure even competition.  These measurements are contained in the By Laws (2016) and are summarised in the  Heron Measurement Form.  Boats must demonstrate compliance to these measurements through assessment by a registered measurer prior to participation in State or National competition.

Click here to find plans to construct a cradle for your Heron

Here are some hints and tips for building a stitch and glue Heron

Here are some hints on cutting ply accurately when fitting side tanks

A Heron building instruction booklet was released in around 1967.  It was originally written for construction of Bennett Kits in the U.K. but contains helpful information for building a framed boat.