Tracing Older Herons


Many Australian sailors started on the water in a Heron.  There are a number of boats under restoration.  There is a lot of interest in tracing older Herons.  Fortunately, there are several ways in which this can be done.

Newsletter References:
All of the Heron newsletters from 1963-present are posted on the net in pdf format.  Google has now indexed the newsletters.  To find newsletter references to a particular boat name or number, simply put the name or number in inverted commas followed by Heron Sailing into Google e.g. “9515” Heron sailing.  The issues in which the boat is mentioned will come up.  The find function will then work for some of the newsletters – when the pdf is open, hit control F and enter the name or number in the search box.  The references to the boat in the document will be highlighted.  Other issues will require a good read to find the references.

Registrar Listing:
The old Registrar listings are arranged by sail number. Click on the sail number range below to bring up older ownership records.  Some numbers are not listed e.g. 8101-8200.  These were allocated to the UK Association.
678-3656    3657-4315    4316-4838    4839-5316    5317-5968
5969-6506  6507-6992    6993-7479    7480-8017    8018-8553
8554-9189  9190-9667    9668-10241

There were three yearbook supplements issued in the late 60s/early 70s that contain a list of boats registered at the time, along with owner details.  Boats and owners are listed by sail number, and there is an alphabetical list of owners sorted by state.
1968 Yearbook (Searchable – hit control F when the pdf is open, enter the sail number or name that you are searching for)
1969 Yearbook (Starts on page 30)
1970 Yearbook

Boats can also be traced through the past results posted on the National Championship page

Boat age can be determined from this table How Old Is That Heron?

John Deshon can supply a digital copy of the original measurement form for Australian Herons up to #10000.  Contact John at