The NHSAA releases newsletters from time to time.  We have digitised and uploaded all 190 of the Heron newsletters that were released in hard copy form from 1963 onwards.  To search the newsletters for a boat name or number, or owner name, put “Heron”, “Sailing” and the name or number into Google.  You’ll probably get the result that you are after!

March 2024 – 63rd Nationals report, NSW States, Single Handed WC
December 2023 – Mast section by-law proposal passed, ACT Dinghy Champs results.
September 2023 – New mast section proposal, Launch of Amazing Grace, 63rd Nationals NOR
June 2023 – 2023 AGM Minutes and reports, Qld Jack Holt regatta report (45 boats!)
March 2023  62nd Nationals reports, Australian Wooden Boat Show activities, tribute to Andy Gough
December 2022  Single handed sailing, NSW States results, ACT Dinghy Titles
September 2022 62nd Nationals NOR, Mast project submissions invited, result of centreboard motions.
June 2022 2022 AGM minutes and reports, Qld and SA states, Centreboard compliance
March 2022  NSW Junior states report.  Vale Dugald McDougall.  Tassie reboot update.
December 2021 2020/21 NSW State Titles report, Bill Olsen jig build, Vale Ray Hale
November 2021 62nd Nationals postponed, centreboard motions.
July 2021  2020/21 AGM minutes, Qld States report, Nia Jerwood and Herons
March 2021  Farewell to Jim Armitage.  NSW Junior Champs report
December 2020 NSW State Championships, Qld news.
September 2020  Postponement of 2020 Nationals, winter refurbishment reports, Betts Heron comes home
July 2020  2020 AGM, Tracing older Herons, SA state champs report
March 2020  61st Nationals Lake Cootharaba
December 2019  More building and restoration news, NSW State titles, Sail Sydney report
September 2019  Constitution changes, NOR 61st Nationals, John Veale feature, Restorations around the nation
June 2019 2019 AGM report, nationals preview
March 2019 60th Nationals Report Perth Dinghy SC
August 2018
February 2018
March 2017
March 2016
December 2015  Motion to allow integral sail track on Bermudan masts
March 2015
March 2014  Account of 55th Nationals, Lake Cootharaba Queensland
March 2013 Account of 54th Nationals, Perth
October 2012  Motion to change to Constitution and Bylaws from Rules.  Motion to allow rope forestay.
November 2011 Heron Reminiscences by Jim Armitage
July 2011  Heron Reminiscences by Don Jamieson (including an account of 48th place in his first nationals)
June 2010  Big jib motion passed at AGM
December 2009 Motions to allow genoa, dual cross headsail tracks, aluminium/GRP rudder boxes and tillers, GRP foils
March 2009  60th Nationals results, Bermudan mast discussion, straightened plug and hull mould
December 2008  Bermudan rig motion.  Results of Heron membership survey.
September 2008  Article on the Big Jib by James Gough
June 2008 Article on Sailing The Run Leg by Richard Gibson.  Letter – Heron of the Future by Rhys Llewellyn
March 2008  Report on the 49th Nationals, Hobart – a quinella result for Tasmania’s Clark Family
December 2007  Bermudan rig project update
September 2007  Brien Hennessy on starting at the pin part 2.
June 2007  Rudder and stock shape drawings.  Bermudan rig project report. Brien Hennessy on starting at the pin. Article on building National Champ Little Red Rocket.
March 2007 Report on 48th Nationals, Perth. Discussion of male mould GRP construction and motion for AGM concerning GRP building.
December 2006 Construction of male mould GRP prototype. Draining of boats with different floorboards.
September 2006  Beginning of the Bermudan mast discussion – report on Mirror makeover. More on water retention in integral floorboard boats.  Modification of half height front buoyancy discussed.
June 2006  The great built in/foam under floorboard debate – contributions from Rhys Llewellyn, Nick Jerwood and Ted Moors
March 2006
 Results of the 47th Nationals, Georges River. Discussions about straightening the Mk2 plug and foam under floorboards
December 2005
September 2005  Report on sailing a Heron at Eyott Sailing Club in the UK by Richard Gibson
June 2005
March 2005
December 2004
September 2004
July 2004 Part 1 Winter Tuning and Preparation notes – Don Jamieson
July 2004 Part 2
March 2004 Report of 45th Nationals at Brighton, Adelaide
December 2003
September 2003  Will Breadsell on cover at 2 years old!  Secrets of Success by Laurie Minogue.  Personality profile – Joy Gough
June 2003
March 2003 Results (and fallout) from the 44th Nationals, Brisbane. Numerous contentious matters.
December 2002 Article on stitch and glue by John Deshon.  Picture of S&G prototype Stitches on cover
September 2002  Report on prototype integrated floorboard boat S2-44.  Measurement committee states its opposition to stitch and glue construction
March 2002  43rd Nationals results (Hobart)
December 2001  Full membership list at time of publication
September 2001 Overwhelming support for Cunningham eye in National committee vote
June 2001 Progress report on development of the stitch and glue hull.
December 2000/March 2001  Report on 42nd Nationals, Lake Macquarie.  The orange print issue!
September 2000 Motion to allow construction of a stitch and glue prototype.
June 2000  Dummy carlin notes
March 2000  41st Nationals report, Perth.  Tuning tips from Don Jamieson.
December 1999 Jibs with multi hole clew plates allowed.  678 Dee Kay, Australia’s first Heron, for sale.
September 1999 Aluminium boom motion passed at Special General Meeting.
June 1999 Aluminium boom motion printed.  Reports of Queensland and SA state titles.
March 1999  Qld Association proposal to take mould from Gypsy Sam not allowed.
December 1998  Issued early 1999.  Report on 40th Nationals at Victor Harbor.  Obituaries for George Robertson, SA Heron stalwart
September 1998  Article on UK stitch and glue construction and letter supporting a trial of stitch and glue in Australia from Ken Smith
June 1998  Jib sheeting motion passed.  Article on centreboard sections.  Qld proposal to make mould for GRP boats from 6616 Gypsy Sam
March 1998  Article on centreboard shape and finish.  Restoration of 6567 Perfick by Richard Gibson
December 1997  Actually issued early 1998.  Report on 39th Nationals, Cootharaba.  Motion on minimum 735 mm between jib sheeting points.
September 1997  Internal halyards approved.  Mast fit out diagram by Rob Brewer
June 1997  Article on sheathing a rudder blade with fibreglass.
March 1997  Report on the 38th Nationals, Hobart.
December 1996  Article on sail tuning (adapted from 470s)
September 1996  Mislabelled Vol. 32 No.2 (should be 32 3).  More on the Cunningham Eye
June 1996  Cunningham Eye letter.  How I Tuned My Heron Part 3. Handbook update and comments re jib sheeting from Don Jamieson
March 1996  Report on 37th Nationals (Chelsea).  How I Tuned My Heron Part 2.  Report of Jack Holt’s passing.
December 1995 How I Tuned My Heron by Andrew Payne.  Swizzling – how to get a good fit when building ply side tanks
September 1995  Motion to increase maximum rudder blade thickness from 13 to 15 mm and centreboard from 16 to 18mm.
June 1995 Motion for full height front buoyancy with side tanks passed.
March 1995  Report on 36th Nationals, Toukley.  Technical Observations from Nationals – Don Jamieson. Alan Takacs on front cover
December 1994  Using A Compass by Andy Whittell.  Dynamics and Balance of a sailing craft by Geoff Pittard.  Further motion on full height front buoyancy with side tanks.
September 1994  Technique, Tuning and Tactics by Geoff Pittard
June 1994  GRP side tank motion passed, big jib motion lost
March 1994  Report of 35th Nationals, Perth.  Halfway Up The Beat We Opened a Cut Lunch – Gaffer’s regatta article by Howard Mitchell.
December 1993  Motions to allow GRP side tanks in wooden boats and big jib.
September 1993  Centreboard verticality measurement introduced.
June 1993 Letter from Arthur Bullock on hull shape.   Quote:  “Fast skippers win the races, not fast boats”. Motion on buoyancy withdrawn, jib sheeting motion lost.
March 1993  34th Nationals report (Henley SA, 94 starters).  Article on sailing in big fleets by Alan Timmins
December 1992  Motions for full height front buoyancy with side tanks, deregulation of jib sheeting positions
September 1992 Heron Handbook released.  Brothers Daryl and Colin Portbury first and second in the Qld state titles.
June 1992  Plans for a Heron cradle to fit a box trailer.  Minimum crew weight motion lost at AGM.
March 1992  33rd Nationals report Hervey Bay – 3 Mk II hulls place 7, 30 and 69.  Sails article by Craig McPhee
December 1991  Motion for minimum crew weight of 95 kg
September 1991  Setting Up A Heron by Craig McPhee.  Article on fibreglass sheathing by Don Jamieson.
June 1991  Vertical rudder blade motion passed.  Setting Up an Aluminium Mast by Bill Parry
March 1991 Report on 32nd Nationals Speers Point.  Article on making gaffs.
December 1990  Motion to allow vertical rudder blades.  Description of how the Mk II plug was made from Hornet
September 1990  Selection of 9969 Hornet to make the Mk II plug.  Advice on capsizing by Rod Watts
June 1990  On The Up and Up by Locky McLaren – how to put your opposition off!  Balance in a Sailing Dinghy by Don Jamieson
March 1990  Report of 31st Nationals in Portland.  Passionate arguments for and against a new GRP plug, Mylar sails and aluminium masts
December 1989  Motions proposing a new GRP hull plug (became the Mk II) and aluminium mast.  Building a wooden Heron by Peter Carroll
September 1989  Don Jamieson sounds off about boom block hanger bolts!
June 1989  Article on Rules and Tactics by Warwick Jacobson.  Account of the Carey trip home from Perth. Carew wins Qld Heron Shield
March 1989  30th Nationals report (Perth).  Buying or Building a Heron – Peter Armati
December 1988  Rigging A Heron by Don Rantanen part 3.  Article on Sail Shapes by Ian Cook
September 1988  Rigging A Heron by Don Rantanen part 2.  Motion to allow clew tracks on booms.
June 1988  Rigging A Heron by Don Rantanen.  Wire Rope – Types and Uses.
March 1988 Report on 29th Nationals at Ceduna.  Article on starting by Warwick Jacobson.  Picture of Chris Sant in 1988 NSW States
December 1987  Picture of Paul Armstrong at 21!  Article on Race Preparation and Protests by Bill Parry
September 1987  Table – How Old Is That Heron?  Sail numbers issued each year.
June 1987  Picture of Justin Carey and crew on the front cover.  Article on the introduction of the Heron to Australia by Stephen Dearnley.  Motion to allow removal fo floor frames lost.
March 1987  Report on the 28th Nationals at Hervey Bay, won by Justin Carey in 9671 Little Aussie – both are still racing today!  Controversy is hinted at.  Debate over motion to remove floor frames when side tanks are fitted, a fore runner to jig construction.
December 1986  Article on jib trimming.
September 1986  Article on mainsails and vang tension
June 1986  Super sailing supplement
March 1986  Report on the 27th Nationals at Speers Point NSW.  Tips #86-100 from Peter McLeod
December 1985 Heron tips #67-85 from Peter McLeod.
September 1985 Heron tips #53-66 from Peter McLeod.  Article on Heron Boatspeed by Phil Owens.
June 1985  Heron tips #38-52 from Peter McLeod.  Cautionary tale about trailer failure by Mike Harris.
March 1985  Report on 26th Nationals, Hobart.  Heron tips #26-37 from Peter McLeod.
December 1984  100 Tips To Improve Your Heron by Peter McLeod #13-25.  Super Sailing Supplement authored by Stuart McGilvray and Chris Carey.
September 1984  100 Tips To Improve Your Heron by Peter McLeod #1-12.  Account of Heron sailing on Lake Eyre.
June 1984  Article on Wind and Sailing by Tony Oram.
March 1984  Report on 25th Nationals, Perth.  Discussion on aluminium masts.
December 1983  John Bertrand on cover.  Article on sailing the course by Craig McPhee
September 1983 Article on the set up of 8998 Eigen Vector by Craig McPhee.
June 1983  Article on going to windward by John Stannard and Dick Sleeman.
March 1983 Report on 24th Nationals at Lake Bonney.  Chris Carey wins 4th Junior title.
December 1982  Article on Rudderless Sailing by John Stannard
September 1982  Heron building tips from Andrew Payne
June 1982  V measurement at frame 2 introduced
March 1982  Report on the 23rd Nationals at Speers Point, convincingly won by Craig McPhee.  Personality profile on Craig (aged 20)
December 1981 Article on light weather sailing.  Sandwich GRP construction motion proposed.
September 1981 Article on getting the Heron going quoting Elvstrom, d’Alpuget and Hopkins
June 1981 70mm V measurment at transom introduced.
March 1981 Report on the 22nd Nationals at Elwood – it blew!
December 1980  Motion to allow side tank buoyancy in wooden boats
September 1980  Measurer’s Manual
June 1980  Summary of 22nd AGM
March 1980  Account of 21st Nationals Hervey Bay Qld
December 1979  Starting tactics.  Whisker poles (Don Jamieson). Friction pad for centreboard control
September 1979  7814 Sobraon on front cover.  How I Tuned My Heron – Andrew Payne, multiple Nationals winner (8998 Eigen Vector)
June 1979  Sailing with stiff spars  Don Jamieson
March 1979 Report on the 20th Nationals, Perth.
December 1978
September 1978
June 1978
March 1978 Report on the 19th Nationals, Hobart.  8998 Eigen Vector’s first Nationals win
December 1977
September 1977
June 1977
March 1977  Results of 18th Nationals at Henley Beach Adelaide.
December 1976   Letter on twist and sail shape
September 1976  My First Year In Fibreglass by Ian Cook.  Detailed measurement article on development of the Mk 1 GRP Heron hull.
June 1976  Report on the 18th AGM.  National Heron Sailing Association of Australia adopted as the Association name, dropping the YW (Yachting World) prefix
March 1976 Report of 17th Nationals at Balmoral….series winner disqualified over a measurement issue.  Article on stainless steel rigging.  Knot chart.
December 1975  Picture of Don Jamieson sailing 7355, the first Abracadabra.  Don was 14th in the 17th Nationals in this boat, following on from 39th in the 10th Nationals.  Proves that you have to keep trying!
September 1975 Launching of 9171, the first Australian GRP Heron.  Going to Windward by Ian Cull and Bob Esam
June 1975 Development of first fibreglass hull
March 1975 16th Nationals report.  National Champ Ian Cull on front cover – again!
December 1974  Light Weather Sailing by Charlie Grimwood.  Motoring With A Heron – various trailer and cartop options.
September 1974  Picture of 84 Herons running before the breeze in the NSW State Championship
June 1974
March 1974 Report on 15th Nationals, Brisbane.  Ian Cull on front cover
December 1973  Motion to allow GRP Herons
September 1973  Len Ralph reports on sailing a UK built GRP Heron.  Righting a capsized Heron.
June 1973
March 1973  Report on the 14th Nationals, Perth.  Letter advocating introduction of fibreglass boats
December 1972  Pictures from the SA Heron building program supervised by George Robertson
September 1972
June 1972  Article on effect of crew weight
March 1972 Report on 13th Nationals Canberra, won by 7258 Lady G with placings of 5, 4, 8, 5, showing the evenness of competition in the 96 boat fleet.  Debate on the tapered keel issue.
December 1971 Motions on notice for the 1972 AGM, including windows in jibs.  Article on George Roertson, SA Heron sailor and builder.
September 1971 Article on toe straps.  Rudder angle change to vertical not supported (it took another 20 years for this to happen!)
June 1971  Making a friction device with plastic hose to keep the centreboard in position hose – a system still used today.
March 1971  Report on 12th Nationals, Hobart.  7814 Sobraon wins her first title.  Letter on windows in jibs (which had been rejected by an AGM vote a few years before).
December 1970  Learning From The Other Fellow – things that matter in a Heron and things that don’t – very interesting article.  Simply on Rigging by John Shipton
September 1970  New method for mainsail measurement.  Using a compass.
June 1970  Yearbook issue listing registered boats and owners, winners of championships to date etc
March 1970 Report on the 11th Nationals held at Brighton and Seacliff YC, Adelaide.  Much discussion on wind strength limits.
December 1969  Protests part 2.  Sailing in light weather
September 1969  Account of Heron 7404 sent to Vietnam for use by Aussie troops on R and R.  Article on protesting
June 1969  1969 Yearbook edition. List of registered boats by number and owners in alphabetical order.
March 1969 Report of 10th Nationals, Woollahra.  More correspondence on fibreglass.
December 1968  Spirited correspondence for and against fibreglass
September 1968 Article discussing the possibility of a fibreglass Heron.  Welcome to John Nobbs as a new skipper at Port River SC.
July 1968 Yearbook Supplement  List of registered boats by number and owners in alphabetical order
June 1968 Account of sailing a Heron from Penneshaw to Kangaroo island, SA.  Sailing in heavy weather
March 1968  Report on 9th Nationals, Melbourne.  Champion boat 6165 Kumale
December 1967  Ian Spies reports on sailing in the UK Heron Championships. Supplement on sail shape.
September 1967 Adjustable foot outhaul permitted.  Technical article on set up and racing by Bill Imlay
June 1967  Avoiding a capsize while running square.  Report on the first Interdominion series (Aust vs NZ), won by Australia
March 1967  Getting a Heron to plane.  Options for hanging a rudder stock
January 1967  Report of 8th Nationals Canberra.  Article on importance of the lee bow position
November 1966 New constitution adopted. How to cartop a Heron….on an EH Holden wagon.
September 1966  For and against the capsize rule – a capsize meant immediate retirement in early Heron sailing
July 1966  Building a cradle for a 6 x 4 trailer.  Righting a capsized Heron
May 1966  Rules of the YW Heron Sailing Association of Australia
March 1966 Report on 7th Nationals, Largs Bay.  How to get the best finish on your Heron
December 1965 Sails and how to set them
September 1965  Article on WAP’s secrets.  National class recognition.  Great picture of 10 Herons nearing completion at Black Rock, Vic.
June 1965 Handy hints for setting up your gaff and rudder
March 1965  Sixth Nationals report.  Self bailer comparison.  Mast rigging hints
December 1964   Bow block controversy – no covering ply.  Reefing a Heron
September 1964   Reasons for one design concept – boats with no side seats, no skeg, 3/16th ply transoms etc
June 1964   Inaugural meeting of the SA Heron Sailing Association reported
March 1964
December 1963  Account of the voyage of Heron Tom Thumb II from Sydney to Port Kembla – by sea!
September 1963  Article on Jack Holt, designer of the Heron
June 1963 Vol. 1 No. 1 – first Heron Newsletter