Membership of the National Heron Association of Australia for 2020/21.

Membership is $40.00, payable by credit card on application. There is no additional charge for boat(s) registration.
All members of one household can be included for one payment (i.e, primary member, spouse/partner, dependent children).  Additional household (family) memberships will need to be applied for separately as non-fee paying members.
Application for membership is through our Revsport website at
If you already have a Sailing Australia number, use that when applying for membership to avoid duplication. If you are not a Sailing Australia member, you will be allocated a SA number.
Members may also log into the Revsport website to edit/update personal and boat details. If you do not have your login details these can be requested from the Registrar.
Any questions please contact the Registrar (
Jim Fairlie